Howdy, there!  The name's Jessica Marie...but just Jess will do.

I'm a fashion-loving girl in my early twenties, and I make it my mission to snag deals with every shopping trip. I'm a firm believer that fashion should be accessible - you can be fashionable on any budget.  Having super style does not necessarily equate with having a stacked pocketbook.

You can often catch me at the local Goodwill looking to snag some vintage finds, perusing through sale and clearance racks, or making my way through the aisles of TJ Maxx or Ross.  I'm a down-to-earth girl with a normal gal's budget, and I don't pretend otherwise.  I love getting dressed every day, and I take pride in knowing that I love how I look - and I didn't have to lay down some fat cash for my outfit.

As far as style goes, I have a lot of inspiration sources, and I like experimenting with what I wear.  I feel like I'm too young for a "signature" style.  I want to enjoy my younger years and wear all sorts of things just because they make me feel good.  Don't be surprised if you see me donning a frilly, feminine dress one day and jeans, boots, and an over-sized sweater the next.  I'm growing in who I am, and I feel no need to rush the process.

This blog is my creative outlet, where I can feature my personal style and other splendid musings.

Outside of fashion, I'm a certified nerd attending grad school with the hopes of being a professor someday.  I reside in the DFW area, where I live with my wonderfully amazing husband Caleb and our adorable pup June.  Life is good.

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