Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I wish I were wearing

i am blessed

As much as I'd love to be spending my time outdoors, frolicking in a field, and enjoying the beautiful weather we've had lately, this has just not been my reality.

Instead, I haven't felt all that well and, thus, have been couped up indoors.  As much as I know you're dying to see my pajama chic looks, I'll spare you.

As an alternative, instead of showing you what I actually have been wearing, I figured I'd show you what I wish I were wearing.  I promise's much more interesting.

Thanks to Polyvore, you have some pretty things to look at.  As always, let me know what you think.

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Bethy said...[Reply to comment]

Aw, sorry you're not feeling well. However, you've got some cute picks, there! My favs are the corsage necklace (I've been looking for a statement necklace, and something like this might be fun for Spring) and the peter pan collar blouse (I've been searching for the perfect peter pan collar blouse this season).

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@BethyThanks, Bethy! I'm sure I'll feel better soon. :)

Lindsay said...[Reply to comment]

Aw haha! I can totally and the little guy have had an annoying bug and comfy pants and socks seems like the perfect pairing when your not feeling 100%.

The first look is def my favorite! So springy and fresh! The little purse is perfect.
Hope you kick the bug soon.

Delighted Momma

Viktória said...[Reply to comment]

haha cute post and you're funny. i hope you feel better now. and nice picks! great taste :)

Teresa said...[Reply to comment]

That second outfit it my favorite. I'm currently in gym clothes, and would love to put that on (after I shower of course :)

Hope you feel better.

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@LindsayThanks, Lindsay! I'm already starting to feel a lot better. I had a lot of fun putting these looks together in the mean time!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@ViktóriaThanks, Viktoria! I am starting to feel better, so hopefully we'll have what I'm actually wearing up soon!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@TeresaThanks, Teresa! I like taking a skirt and making it super casual so it doesn't feel fussy. Most of the things I used were out of my price range (I was just having fun), but I hope I can put something similar together soon.

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