Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fill in

I didn't feel all that great today.  And it rained.  A lot.

All this is to say that I spent most of the day in pajamas.  As much as I know you all would love to see me rockin' the pj's, I figured I'd spare you and let my dog June fill in instead.

She's modelling her my favorite puppy sweater.  Isn't she precious?!

And that question wasn't rhetorical.  Please feel free to leave adoring comments about how cute my little child angel princess, okay fine, puppy is.  Even canine's need their ego pet every now and then.  :)


puppy sweater - Ross

5 inclinations:

kirstyb said...[Reply to comment]

awwww thats so adorable x

Jess E. said...[Reply to comment]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess E. said...[Reply to comment]


Thanks! I love her so much!

Higgenbottom said...[Reply to comment]

June is too cute! and i love her name also. her sweater cracks me up, she seems to be enjoying it.

Amber Blue Bird said...[Reply to comment]

your little pup is too cute

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