Monday, January 3, 2011

I rock...just ask my niece

I took Keira ice skating today at the Galleria Mall in Dallas.  (Please excuse her hair...she kept fussing with her headband.  She is a three year-old, after all.)  They have a huge four-story Christmas tree in the middle of the rink, and today was the last day it would be up before they took it down.  Naturally, we had to take advantage of its last hoo-ra.

After ice skating, we did some shopping...I mean, we were at a mall.  We got Keira two belts and a purple shirt from The Children's Place.  (By the way...isn't her sweater awesome?! Got that one at Kohl's.)  We also stopped in at Lush and got some bath bombs.  She used one of mine the other night and just thought they were the coolest things, so I wanted to get her more to use for her stay here.

If you've never been to Lush, you can check them out here.  They offer handmade bath and cosmetic products that are absolutely wonderful.  I recently discovered them, and I've really enjoyed my purchases.

Ice skating and shopping with a toddler definitely called for a casual outfit.  My sweater is a silk/cashmere blend, so it felt fabulous against my skin during the long day.  I also appreciated my beret giving me an extra day before a hair wash.  :)

I don't usually post prices of objects (unless I'm able to link to a website), so if you ever have any questions concerning the costs of items or where you can find similar items, please let me know!

sweater - Moda International, via BHFO e-Bay store
jeans - Levi's, via Ross
boots - Mustang, via DSW (now on clearance!)
beret, lover's knot ring, earrings - Forever 21
scarf - Echo, via Ross
purse - Ecko Red, via Ross

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