Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Splendiferous secrets: Perfect pick-me-up

If you're like me, you may experience times of the day when you feel like you're dragging, or perhaps you wake up in the morning but still don't feel refreshed.

We all experience those times of the day when all we feel like doing is laying down and taking a snooze.  In a perfect world, we could stop what we're doing and take a little ciesta, but, alas, this fantasy land does not exist.  Although our bodies may be crying for a nap, we're not always able to satisfy its needs.

So what's a girl to do?  Soda?  Energy drink?  Coffee?  But how long will it be before the caffeine kick fails and you crash?

Here's my secret...

Total Energy Pulse Point Balm
Total Energy Pulse Point Balm - The Body Shop - $16

The Body Shop carries a line of aromatherapy products, and the Total Energy Pulse Point Balm is one of my favorites.  When I feel the yawns coming on, I dab a little on my wrists and behind my ears, and voila!  I get a little pick-me-up.  Don't get me wrong - there's nothing like a long catnap, but this product gives me the little burst of energy that I need.  The scent is invigorating, and I definitely feel like I get a little boost.

What are your secrets for getting over the yawns?

image via thebodyshop.com

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