Saturday, April 16, 2011


First off, regarding Thursday's post, I'd just like to thank all the lovely readers and commenters who wished me well.  My doctor contacted me about some blood work she ran yesterday, which revealed that I am B12 deficient, so that is what has been exacerbating my fibromyalgia symptoms and causing me to feel, well, icky.  She's going to run some more tests to see what the best plan of action is.  I am very optimistic.

That being said, I'm finally starting to feel better, and I even got out and about today.  However, my outfit was less than blog worthy.  Since I seemed to get a good response from yesterday's Polyvore collages, I figured I'd feature some more today.  I've also been really into Pinterest lately, so I decided to make outfit collages inspired by some of my favorite looks that I've "pinned."

If you haven't joined the Polyvore or Pinterest bandwagons, let me tell ya...the two sites are addictive.  Polyvore let's you browse through literally thousand of products and create collages, and Pinterest let's you easily "pin" photos that you like and file them neatly on virtual "pinboards."  

I usually wouldn't encourage addictive behavior, but I'm making an exception in this case.  Create and pin away!

For the three looks I recreated today, I focused on three different price ranges, so you can see how far your money goes with each look.  Enjoy!

Money's not an Issue
(I seriously didn't even bother to look at prices when creating this collage)

pinterest look 1

Moderate Budget

pinterest 2

Frugal Chic

pinterest 3

shirt - shorts - shoes - purse - bangle - ring - ring - belt - neclace - sunnies

Clicking on a photo will take you to its location on my Style Inspiration pinboard.  You can access the original source from there.

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Teresa said...[Reply to comment]

More cute outfits! Dang, it needs to get warm where I'm at so I can break out skirts and pretty tops.

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@TeresaIt's been warm for awhile here! But that probably means that the summer is going to be super hot. :(

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