Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jungle tours and a moonlit swim

Our first full day in Mexico was definitely a memorable one.  We started off the morning with a zip-lining tour over the jungle at Xtreme Kingdom - which was so fun!  We've zip-lined on several other occasions (even at a different park last year in Cancun), but I never get bored of it.  On this trip, we got to zip-line upside down!  It was so exhilarating!  We bought the photos to prove it, so I'll put them up as soon as I get around to scanning them.

We had only booked the zip-lining tour through our resort at Xtreme Kingdom, but we ended up adding on a horseback riding tour through the jungle.  We weren't exactly wearing the appropriate clothes, but we said to heck with it and decided to be spontaneous - and I'm so glad we did!  Luckily, for this tour, our guide snapped photos throughout, and we bought a CD with all the pictures.  Here's just a peak...

The coolest part of the tour was riding bareback on a horse as he swam.  I've been horseback riding since I was a little girl, but I've never done anything like that before!  It was so cool!

Once again, not anticipating this little adventure, Caleb and I did not have swimwear on, but we decided to go for it anyway.  We were soaked, but it was totally worth it!  The other couple with us opted out because they didn't want to get their regular clothes boring it must have been for them to sit by and watch our fun!  Swimsuit or not, Caleb and I were going in!  We just couldn't pass it up!

You can see how far in the water we went in by the waterline on our clothes afterward!

When we returned to the resort, we stopped to look at the monkeys...we did this just about every day because they were so fun to watch!

I enjoyed a nap in the hammock that afternoon.  Pure bliss!

Dinner was always so delicious!  And our waiter, Izmael, was outstanding - the service was always superb!

After dinner, we went to the pool, where I took a moonlit swim under the stars.  And to think...our week had just started!

first outfit:
shirt - thrifted via Plato's Closet
shorts - Gap
shoes - Toms, via Nordstrom Rack
sunnies - Gap, via TJ Maxx

second outfit:
dress - One Clothing, via TJ Maxx
sandals - Diba, via Nordstrom Rack
earrings - Charming Charlie
sunnies - Gap, via TJ Maxx

top - Victoria's Secret
bottom - Target

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Laura said...[Reply to comment]

Very cute dress! And the horseback riding looks amazing. It is one of my favorite activities! I've never gone off trail though.

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Laura Thanks, Laura! We had a great time. We had never been off trail either - we would never do it without a guide! :)

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