Saturday, June 18, 2011

Neutrals and neons

Mixing neutrals with neons is not a trend that I would usually choose to take on.  In fact, a quick glimpse in my closet will reveal very little in the neon family...I've just never really thought it was my thing.  However, I was determined to pull something off for the most recent edition of Bloggers Do It Better, put together by Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  I searched for the most neon-esque things I could find in my closet (neutrals definitely weren't a problem), and came up with this outfit.  I am so glad I was challenged to do something new with my wardrobe because I really love how the look turned out.

Had I not been purposefully looking for this mix of color with the intent of linking up to BDIB, I would never have even dreamed up this outfit.  However, I think the result is summery and fresh, and I would definitely wear it again.

It just goes to show that sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone.  It's easy to get into a style rut and not even realize it, but taking on a new idea that you otherwise wouldn't have tried can often produce surprising results.  That was definitely my case here, and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised.

So as you're thinking about your outfits for the upcoming week, I challenge you to think outside the box.  Try a trend you wouldn't typically gravitate toward and see how it really turns out.  Find inspiration from a blogger who put together a unique, unusual outfit that you don't think you could pull off - and try it anyway.  Mix colors in a way you haven't before.  You'll definitely learn something about yourself and your style, and you're sure to gain something, as well.

top - Cloud Nine, via Burlington
skirt - Loft
sandals - Bakers
belt - Fossil, thrifted
earrings - Kohl's
purse - vintage, thrifted
lipstick - Louisiana by NYX

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M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans said...[Reply to comment]

I love this look! The colors tie in so well. CupcakesandCardigans

Jenni @ Engineered Style said...[Reply to comment]

This is super cute! And love your hair too! (Have you been using those new John Freida products?) ;)

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans Thanks! Sometimes the unexpected works! :)

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Jenni @ Engineered Style'd you guess?! :) And thanks!

Just Daisy said...[Reply to comment]

Oh hai, I think I love this outfit way too much, its so freaking cute! hehe ;]


Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Just Daisy Thanks, Daisy! I'm glad the combo worked!

Joecelyn said...[Reply to comment]

I read all your blogs and don't usually comment but I love love this casual summer outfit. I would have never thought to put sandals that color but I think it works great!
Makes me think I need to take more fashion risks.
I would only suggest pairing it with a bigger more colorful summer bag (I'm a bag lady, lol)

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Joecelyn I'm so glad you commented, Joecelyn! I would have never worn these sandals with this skirt had I not been challenged to pull off this trend! It's amazing what you can learn when you try something new. And I love bags, too! I typically carry a larger bag, but I chose this one for the color. It kept the basics, but I do like having my purse stash with me most of the time!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...[Reply to comment]

This is so pretty!!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Victoria / Justice Pirate Thanks so much, Victoria! I can't wait to see you in my red dress! :)

madison avenue said...[Reply to comment]

the gray skirt and yellow belt look so good together!! love your outfit!!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@madison avenue Thanks so much! I'm glad I tried this combo - I'll have to do it again!

Michelle said...[Reply to comment]

I did yellow and pink too! And I could have written this post, haha. This challenge definitely had me thinking differently about what my wardrobe could provide.

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Michelle That's why I love these challenges - they force you to be creative! I'll be sure to check out your post!

caroline said...[Reply to comment]

i adore that yellow belt!! and i love how the little pops of color look against the neutrals!

caroline - pictures & words

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@caroline Thanks! I saw the belt in a thrift store and had to have it! It really brightens up an outfit!

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