Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight

3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray
I love having curly hair, but every now and then I like to change up my look by styling my hair straight.  However, in the past, this meant straightening my hair multiple times a week to maintain my look.  When I first heard about John Frieda's Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray, I was anxious to see if it would live up to its name.  Admittedly, I was quite skeptical, especially since the Texas humidity often destroys a straight 'do by the end of the day.

Imagine my surprise when the product actually did perform excellently!  
In fact, not only did my hair survive 3 days and still remain straight, but it was still straight when I woke up on the fourth morning!  I had weathered the elements and a few cardio sessions at the gym at that point and was really in need of a shampoo, so I washed the product out, but I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product and how well it performed.

Best of all, my hair didn't look fried or damaged.  It was soft to the touch and looked extremely healthy.  Originally, I was thinking that the chemicals would be too much for my short 'do, but I actually felt like I was improving the texture of my hair by using the product - that's impressive!

I recommend 3-Day Straight whole-heartedly and without any hesitation.  If you love a straight look but don't want to damage your hair by straightening your hair multiple times a week, this product is perfect for you.  Instead of ironing your hair seven days a week, you could probably get away with styling it straight just twice a week - saving time, effort, and your hair!

Stay tuned tomorrow for your chance to win a full-size bottle of 3-Day Straight and 5 other John Frieda products!  I'll also have a guest reviewer giving her take on a product from JF's Sheer Blonde line!

Update: Enter giveaway here!

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