Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift conundrums: White elephant party

It's that time of year again, and Christmas is just around the corner.  By now, you've already seen a plethora of bloggers creating gift guides for all sorts of people - the bff, the sig-o, your mother, sister, and, hey, maybe even yourself.

But, let's face it, you know all those people a lot better than I do, so I'd say you're more equipped to pick out a gift for them than I.

However, we all run into those circumstances where we can't quite figure out the appropriate gift for the occasion.  That's where I can share some thoughts.  I'll be sharing some Christmas gift recommendations for those areas that may cause you to draw a blank.  I hope you'll join along and share any of your thoughts.

So, with no further ado, let's get started!

First on the agenda is gifts for a white elephant party.  Surely, you know how this works, but, if not, click here and be enlightened.  Caleb and are hosting our second-annual white elephant party this year, and we're super excited about it.  However, I'm not of the camp that believes white elephant gifts have to be corny and useless.  You can find inexpensive, quirky gifts that others would love to exchange.  Here are some of my recommendations...

Sagaform Takeaway Enjoy Your Coffee Porcelain Mug  - 8.5 oz.Opens in a new window
Travel mugs are always useful, and the new ceramic ones are so much cuter than the traditional thermos versions.  This one is close to $14, but I have a couple that I got at Ross and Marshall's for a mere 5 bucks - you can't beat that!  Avoid the temptation to buy anything holiday themed; it will look cute around the holidays, but it'll be shoved to the backof the cupboard come January.

Who doesn't love a game with friends?  Don't like Phase 10?  Then how about Uno or some other simple game?  Somebody is sure to have grabby hands for a fun game!

Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Adult Mickey Brand Adhesive Bandages - 20 Count.Opens in a new window
Have you ever noticed that you can never find a band aid when you need it?  Stock up one of your friends with some fun printed band aids.  They're quirky, but definitely practical!

Pretty neat treat.
Winter weather often means dry hands and chapped lips, so who wouldn't appreciate this little life saver from Burt's Bees?  Stick to the traditional beeswax flavor to keep it gender neutral - no girl scents!

Grabber Warmers Toe Warmers
I hate having cold toes!  In fact, I think just about everyone does.  So help your friends warm up with some toe warmers.  They're perfect for winter weather.

Here are some general rules for selecting a white elephant gift:
  • keep gifts gender-neutral - that way anyone who opens the gift can enjoy it
  • spend about $5-10 dollars
  • re-gift if you'd like, but don't use a white elephant party as an opportunity to get rid of your junk
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