Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunshine and clouds

Howdy, howdy!  Hope your Veteran's Day is going fabulously well!

I'm enjoying the beautiful weather we've been blessed with in Fort Worth - upper 60s with a breeze, and lots of sunshine!  It's gorgeous!

I took these photos over a week ago on a more cloudy day.  A dress, tights, and a cardigan is so my go-to outfit for fall - so much so that I recreated this exact same outfit earlier this week, but I exchanged the mustard tights for some olive green ones and my oxfords for some boots.  The rest stayed the same!  I wore the green tights version for one of my testing days earlier this week.  I knew that I'd be sitting in front of a computer typing for hours for my comprehensive exams, and this outfit is beyond comfortable.  I always prefer dresses and tights to jeans!

Now that my written exams are completed, I'm just trying to prepare for my oral exams.  I test next Friday, and I'm feeling pretty confident.  I can't believe I'm almost done with grad school!

Any recommendations on what I should wear for my oral exams?  I don't want to look overly professional, but I don't want to look too much like a student either!  After all, I do want to teach college students when this is all over with!  Please leave any suggestions in the comments!

Forever 21 dress (love this silhouette)
Target tights (similar)
Jessica Simpson cardigan, via Ross (similar)
GoMax oxfords (similar)

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lady di said...[Reply to comment]

love the tights! ive been trying to find this color....ive failed!
love your blog!

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