Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Texas love, y'all

vintage blouse: thrifted (pink, love-but pricey)
skirt: thrifted (more patchwork)
belt: Fossil, thrifted (similar)
oxfords: Steve Madden (similar- on sale!)
sunglasses: Betsey Johnson, via TJ Maxx (similar)

I would like to clarify one thing: I often lament Texas' bipolar weather patterns here on this little ol' blog of mine, but I love Texas.  I'm proud to live in Cow Town, as Fort Worth is lovingly nicknamed, and I love that I live in a large metropolitan area but have the sense of community that makes you feel like you live in a small town.  I wouldn't trade my life in Texas for the world...although I do love a great vacation.

I also owe some thanks to Texas for my outfit.  First and foremost, thank you Texas for fostering a the kind of community where a Texan housewife could hand sew this fine little skirt of mine.  Also, thank you Texan housewife for then donating it to a thrift store where I could purchase and enjoy it.  Additionally, in general, thank you Texas for providing a plethora of thrift stores for my shopping pleasure.  This outfit truly would not be the same without you.  (...seriously.  Most of it is secondhand.)

And, just one more clarification: I did not ride a horse to this photo location.  We do, indeed, drive cars in Texas.

Do you love your state?  Share your thoughts!

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grace said...[Reply to comment]

thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated. love the shoes!


Simply Imperfect said...[Reply to comment]

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!

You look adorable and Texas does have awesome thrifting. That's one of my favorite things to get in while visiting my fiancé's family!


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