Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feeling festive

Last night's Christmas party went wonderfully!  We had some delicious drinks, scrumptious desserts, and quirky gifts.  What could be better?

After the party, my friends Sarah and Faye stayed for a ladies' night.  It was the perfect end to the perfect evening.

I didn't think to pull out my camera during the party, but, as promised, I did captures some photos of my party outfit, which I absolutely loved!  I felt so festive!  Let me know what you think...

The picture above me is my bridal portrait.
Check out how long my hair used to be!
I chopped 11 inches off a few months ago.

I like how the hubby is peeking in this one.

I had to pull out a blazer for ladies' night so I wouldn't freeze!

June - her shirt said,
"Baby it's cold outside!"

Fun pose!
Sarah is the blonde, and Faye is the brunette.

A little bit of whimsy...

Smile worthy:
Sequined and beaded
top and
flouncy skirt.

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