Monday, December 6, 2010

Journey Into the Unknown...

So here goes nothin' first attempt at a legit blog.

First things first: I love clothes.
And shoes.
And makeup.
And handbags.
And accessories.
And pretty smelling things.
Okay...pretty things in general.
And eclectic items that bring a smile to my face.
And, it should be noted, these loves are in no particular order.

I'm a self-admitted girly-girl just trying to make it in the world.  I am completely unashamed of my girly pursuits.  In fact, I quite enjoy them.

What's important, though, is that although I'm a girly-girl who loves fashion and all the many facets that surround it, I don't feel the need to meet someone else's standards of what I should be.  I love being an individual, and so should you.  I love mixing girly items with eclectic, fun pieces.  Hence, my blog title...

A little bit of whimsy.

I enjoy bringing at least one whimsical piece to my ensemble each day...something that reminds me to smile, to laugh, and to cherish life.  Whether it's a flower in my hair, and deer necklace, or some bold-colored tights, I quite enjoy the little things that bring an outfit together in an unexpected way.

I'm excited about this blog, and I am making it my mission to share with you how I live my days and embrace the multitude of options the world of fashion has to offer.  What's yours?

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