Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shopping, procrastination, and sales...oh my!'s post is a little late, but I decided to stop at a Ross on the way home from class tonight.  To my excitement, this particular Ross was open until 11 for the holidays!  How exciting!  Not only did I get to shop longer, but I also had the perfect opportunity to procrastinate and put off finishing a paper that's due tomorrow.  And, now, I continue the procrastination with a blog post.

I believe fashion should be accessible, so I love stores like Ross that offer discounted prices.  I love a good deal in general, and I've been known to scour racks to find the perfect treasure.  And resale shops...don't even get me started.  Love!

I've always loved a good sale, but now I'm in my first year of marriage, and we're definitely not looking to break the bank.  Looking for a good deal is practical, but I also find it oh-so fun and rewarding.  Don't you just love when someone compliments a piece of yours and you think, "Oh, yeah!  75 percent off!"  Is it just me? can't be.

Today's outfit, for example: the blazer, clutch, sweater, and jeans were all resale finds, the boots were 25% off during a cyber Monday sale, and the cami was part of a buy one get one half off special.

On top of it all, I found some great pieces at Ross today.  I believe I'd have to say that a charcoal Jessica Simpson beret for $6 was my favorite find...and it retails for $25!  Le sigh...  I really do swoon over a good deal!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I could finish taking outfit pictures, such as photos with my blazer and scarf and close-ups of all my accessories, but I'll still detail what I wore in its entirety. you love a good deal, or do you shop on impulse?  Do you savor the sale, or do you buy that have-to-have item regardless if you have to pay full price?  Thoughts?

Sweater: Delia's, purchased at Plato's Closet
Skinny jeans: Express, purchased at Plato's Closet
Boots: DSW
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: ??

Not shown:
Green clutch: vintage, local resale shop
Blazer: local resale shop
Large stone ring: Forever 21
Tan scarf: came with dress, Ross

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TD said...[Reply to comment]

I must say I can't get out of my comfort zone. I really want a pair of boots but I think about how often I'm going to wear them, and if I think I won't wear them a lot I don't buy. But I'll still want a pair. I love a good bargain, but I must say I went into Goodwill recently and I felt like everything was overpriced. A thrift store? about ashamed lol. I'm very money conscious, so I don't enjoy shopping as much as my heart does.Your outfit is very cute! The necklace is a great touch!
TD :)

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