Monday, December 20, 2010

Packing for events

I have missed my blog posts!

I have been visiting with family to celebrate my older sister's college graduation.  I've had a wonderful time, but, unfortunately, have fallen out of my nightly routine...including my blog posts.  But I promise my outfits have been just as fabulous as ever!

It's always fun to travel, especially when you get to see family, but I absolutely hate packing.  It's so difficult to narrow down a closet to a small suitcase.  I often ask myself, "What do I feel like wearing today?"  But it's so difficult to predict this several days out.  I've been notorious for overpacking for years, but I've gotten a whole lot better.  Some things that have helped me are :

1) Pack mix and match items.  These kinds of items can be worn in several different ways, so you can figure out how exactly to create an outfit once you get to your destination.

2) Pack multiple accessory options.  Accessories don't take up much space in a suitcase, and they can easily transform an outift.

3) Pack key staple.  These are go-to items that are reliable and easy to style and incorporate into outfits.  This time around, my staples were a pair of black flats and brown boots, a great pair of jeans, and a couple basic tops. 

4) If you're attending a special event while travelling, always plan that particular outfit ahead of time.  Also, try it on before you pack it to make sure the entire ensemble looks the way you planned.  You don't want to get ready for an event to find out that the zipper on your dress is broken or your tights have a run in them.

Of course, the special evening this time around was my sister's graduaton ceremony.  Unlike most, this one was short, quick, and to the point (which the audience and graduates appreciated).  My family went out to eat afterword at a wonderful Italian restaurant.  I anticipated sitting at the ceremony much longer and filling my belly with lots of food afterward, so I wanted to be comfortable but still fashionable.  I chose a looser fitting dress with a ribbon tied at the waist, paired with some fabulous tights.  I liked the look and thought it was appropriate for a graduation ceremony and dinner.

What do you think?  Would you have styled the dress differently?

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