Friday, December 10, 2010

School's out, fashion's in

Let me just say that I am so excited to do some fun writing right now!!

Today marked the official end of my third semester in grad school.  All of my final papers are turned in, and I feel so wonderful to have completed this semester!  [insert sigh of relief here]

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE school.  But when final papers come up, I spend a whole lot of hours staring at a computer screen and typing.  I wrote a paper for hours on end yesterday, and I was way too exhausted to make a blog post.  But, alas, I have returned refreshed and revived.  (Alliteration, much?)

The hubby, Caleb, and I went out for dinner and drinks tonight, and it provided some much needed downtime.  I got to chow down on one of my favorite foods - fish tacos...yum!  The thought of them used to gross me out, but the last time I visited my brother in San Diego he finally convinced me to try one, and I've been hooked ever since.  So if you made a squishy face at the mention of fish tacos, open your mind!  They are de-lish!

Going out for dinner was kind of a last minute idea, so I didn't have much time to get ready.  I wanted to put something together that didn't take a whole lot of thought but would still be cute for a date night.  I grabbed a tank with a little front ruffle detail and a cardigan and matched them up with some skinny jeans and flats...always an easy look.  I decided to try peep toe flats one more time before the weather becomes too terribly cold.  Since I live in Texas, I can push this more than most states.

I slicked my hair back with a headband and added some fun earrings and a large ring.  And by the way, I've had a thing for rings lately.  I used to never wear them...literally.  Well, I've always worn my engagement and wedding rings on my left hand, but I used to never wear anything on my right hand.  For some reason, it would drive me crazy.  I'd be bothered by the ring on my right hand and eventually take it off.

Then it hit me - I like rings.  Every time I'd look at an accessory section I'd always glance that way, but I wouldn't dare touch.  So, I decided I needed to get over my weird ring phobia and suck it up.  I bought several rings last week, and I've loved every minute with them.  I want more!

To top off my look, I grabbed a colorful clutch, which I absolutely love.  It's my go-to clutch when I want to infuse a little color into my ensemble.  I grabbed a simple black blazer and headed out the door.  I was date ready!  (And hungry.)

I recruited Caleb as my photographer.  I learned very quickly that self-portraits are not easy!

Smile worthy:
Fish earrings and
colorful clutch.

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Ashley said...[Reply to comment]

I like this post a lot. I have heard of Platos closet but have yet to go, you have inspired me to check it out! Your outfit is cute :)

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Ashley Thanks! It feels so long ago since I posted this outfit, so it was great to be reminded of this night. And I quite enjoy Plato's Closet! Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of junk, but I enjoy the process.

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