Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's June!

And by June, I of course mean my wonderful pup.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but our adorable little dog was a wedding gift, and since Caleb and I married in June, we named our sweet girl after the memorable month.  June is a wonderful companion, and she keeps me company while I study, work, and do, well, everything else I do around the house.  In fact, she's sleeping on my lap as I type.  She's so precious.

As you'll see in some pictures below, we'll often frolic around and play with each other.  She decided that she would be part of the photo shoot this particular day, so I, of course, was inclined to oblige.

Oddly enough, my outfit appears quite summery, though I assure you it was worn only a week and a half ago on a warm, sunny, January day.  It's hard to believe that after the warm weather we'd been having here that my university will be shut down for the third day in a row tomorrow due to the winter storm.  In the meantime, I'm spending lots of cuddle time with my beloved pup and hubby (he had the day off today) and drinking hot chocolate until everything goes back to normal.

But, of course, by then the Superbowl will be in town, and things will be just as crazy.


blouse - via TJ Maxx
mustard tights - Charlotte Russe
skirt, ring - Forever 21
belt - thrifted
shoes - via Rack Room Shoes
earrings, nude lace tights - Kohl's

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