Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A [slightly] warmer day

After much frustration, I got the memory card to work...hooray!

I am beyond excited to get things kicking again!!  However, today I spent the day in my pajamas.  Winter has attacked Texas with a mighty force.

Today's pictures were taken on a [slightly] warmer day.  It was probably in the 30s, and I was freezing.  You can probably tell by the expression on my face in the majority of the photos.  If you think I had an internal dialogue that sounded something like, "Hurry up, Caleb!  I'm SO cold," then you're right.  Let me explain.

I'm a winter weather wuss.  I can only hope that my alliteration makes up for my lack of, how do you say, ganas.

I was born in the Mediterranean and raised in south Texas, so winter weather and I don't exactly mix.  But there's one problem:

I love the idea of cold weather.

Layering up, putting on scarves, and wearing cute pea coats are all things I love.  And tights...don't even get me started.

I love the prettiness of freshly fallen snow.  I'm just miserable when I go outside.

So now I'm stuck in a Texas blizzard and am fearful of leaving my apartment.  There are two reasons for this fearfulness:

1) As we've discussed, it's cold, and I'm a wuss.  It's supposed to be below 0 with the wind chill tonight.  I've never experienced anything like that before.

2) Texan drivers cannot be trusted in this weather.  Layers of snow and ice on the road?!  We can't cope!  My apartment sits near the top of a hill, and a driver spent literally 20 minutes trying to drive to the top, but his tires continued to spin out.  Why this driver didn't park at the bottom and walk up is beyond me, but, nevertheless, it was a small reminder of why I'm pledging to stay indoors until the storm passes.

Every now and then I peek outside and think, "It's so pretty!"  I won't destroy my delusions of grandeur by actually going outside, though.

shirt - Banana Republic
skinny cords - New York & Co., via Ross
boots - Rack Room Shoes
coat - Guess, via Wilson's Leather
scarf - gifted
flower hair pin - Forever 21
necklace - handmade, available soon at Splendiferously Yours

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