Monday, April 18, 2011

A pretty palette: Bold brights

I am loving all the colors I'm seeing on people's blogs!  I think the color blocking trend is fantastic, and I like that unique color combinations are being experimented with.  The results are often breathtaking and beautiful. I think we could all gain a little inspiration from playing with colors.

4 inclinations:

Lindsay said...[Reply to comment]

Ohh Jessica the "LOVE" necklace is amazing! I would definitely wear that!

Delighted Momma

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@LindsayI guess you're just as much of a sap as I am then! :)

Plami said...[Reply to comment]

Very sunny and beautiful outfit! Love the clutch!


Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@PlamiIsn't it fabulous?! Now if only I could afford it...haha.

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