Monday, June 6, 2011

Last full day in Riviera Maya

Like every other day on our Riviera Maya trip, our last day was full of fun and excitement.  It was definitely Caleb's favorite day because we got to visit the ruins in the old Mayan city of Coba.  It's in the thick of the jungle, so it included a lot of walking (and, ahem, sweating), but it was so cool to visit what was once a thriving city.

The archaeological site was huge, and we had to walk from ruin-to-ruin to see all the splendor.  Some people rented bicycles or "Mayan taxis," but we decided to walk for the larger part of the tour.

The final stop in Coba was this large tower.  It's the only Mayan ruin left that people are allowed to climb, and it probably won't be that way for much longer.  We decided it was now or never and climbed all the way to the top.

the view from the top

long way down

Caleb makes his way down

the most challenging, yet most rewarding, stair climb ever

After walking a couple miles and climbing up and down what must have been hundreds of stairs, we decided to take a Mayan taxi back.

Mayan writing, Aztec calendar, Mayan calendar

After our visit to Coba, we ate some delicious food at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

We had so much fun kayaking the previous day that we decided to go kayaking at the facilities at our resort when we got back.  While the other resort offered beautiful beach views, kayaking at our resort offered gorgeous jungle views.  It was neat to experience both!

Next, we headed down to the pool for one last time.  Caleb gave into his urge to play on the kiddie area...and I may have joined him on the slide once or twice.  :)

We then had some grown-up time at the swim-up pool bar.

Dinner that night was fabulous, as usual.  We ate outside, and not only did Rico that cat join us, but so did a raccoon!  I'm usually terrified of them (my only previous experience was seeing them hop out of the dumpsters at my college apartment at night and startling me as I tried to throw my trash away), but this one was really friendly.  It even grabbed food from Caleb's hand when he offered it!

resort restaurant

After dinner, we went to the casino night that the resort was hosting.  Since the resort was only at about 15% capacity, there weren't very many people, so we got to play a lot of blackjack and had a whole lot of fun!

Of course, I had to order one last pina colada!

And the day would be incomplete without some outfit pictures...

Here's how I styled my hair that night...

When we got back to the room, I couldn't resist enjoying a bath in the jacuzzi tub one more time...the perfect end to another fabulous day.

Coba outfit:
shirt - Grass, via Ross
shorts - Loft
oxfords - Steve Madden, via Dillard's Clearance Store
bonnet - Pins & Needles, via UO
sunnies - Betsey Johnson, via TJ Maxx
purse - vintage Anne Klein, thrifted

shirt - Aeropostale
hat - gift
sunnies - Gap, via TJ Maxx
bikini (unseen) - Victoria's Secret

dress - Forever 21
necklace - Forever 21, thrifted via Plato's Closet
sandals - Seychelles, via Ross

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