Monday, July 18, 2011

Bloggers do it better: Maxi skirt...and a revelation

If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be wearing a maxi skirt, I would have politely told you that you were crazy.  I used to think that maxi skirts were reserved for the 5'11 girls of the world who had no worries of their hip sizes.  I'm 5'6 with an ample derriere and what people tend to refer to as child-bearing hips, so I would have left this trend to the tall and flawlessly-proportioned.

It's not until I started fashion blogging that I realized that my constricted view of the maxi skirt was not the reality.  Through fashion blogs, I have seen women of various shapes and sizes don the skirt, while looking stylish and chic in the process.  So I got to wondering...can I pull this look off, too?

It turns out that the maxi skirt is a lot more versatile than I thought.  When I made my first purchase of one a couple months ago, I was surprised to find that I liked the way I looked in it.  More than that, it's pretty much the most comfortable piece of clothing possible.  (And it's a great way to extend your leg-shaving another day!)

  Needless to say, I was excited when Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly announced that the maxi skirt would star as the next trend in Bloggers Do it Better.

But, in this case, it's not just about bloggers doing it better.  It's about the real woman's body doing it better.  And, by this, I mean all women's bodies.  Fashion bloggers taught me that you don't need to be rail thin and six feet tall to rock this trend, and, for that, I'm thankful.  I've discovered a new closet staple that I love.

tank - via TJ Maxx
cami, maxi skirt - Old Navy
scarf - vintage, thrifted
sandals - Diba, via Nordstrom Rack

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LePetiteLemon said...[Reply to comment]

I thought the same thing as you regarding maxi skirts, except I'm much shorter than you! But, since I've been seeing it on more fashion bloggers, I'm getting increasingly more tempted to try this trend out myself! =D Besides, back in the olden days, maxi skirts were the requirement! =P Love your scarf belt!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@LePetiteLemon I think a lot of women have felt this way. I'm so glad that the maxi skirt is going more mainstream and accessible. We should all get to enjoy the trend!

And thanks for the scarf compliment!

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...[Reply to comment]

I about puked when I saw that BDIB was going to be about Maxi's. First, I am 5'4" so the look often overwhelms me, second...not a fan. Still, with all the beautiful looks, I have seen, including yours..well I like Maxi's a lot better now.

Glad to see you in the hop. Hop to see you at more challenges and at my blog. Come and see how a over 45 year old wears the Maxi Look yet again! (I have been through this trend before!) The Chief Blonde!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Still Blonde after all these YEARS The look is something that I definitely assimilated to slowly, but I think I've totally converged now! :) I'll be sure to check out your post!

Jenni @ Engineered Style said...[Reply to comment]

Jessica--love this look! That scarf really pulls it all together! You and I had the same thoughts regarding maxis and I'm converted as well now!

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Jenni @ Engineered Style
Thanks, Jenni! I'm so glad we've seen the light! :)

By the way...I'll be putting up a giveaway for a men's hair product next week, so it will give you a chance to win something for your hubby Just thought I'd give you a heads up!

Janell said...[Reply to comment]

Love the look !The first thing that caught my eye was the scarf belt. Cute! I'm also getting into maxi skirts now. I have several maxi dresses, but never really did the maxi skirt thing. Weird huh? I find myself also trying styles I've never done before since I started reading other fashion blogs. So much fun!


Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@JanellIt is fun! I have a couple of maxi dresses as well. They're easy to style super chic, but I love them because they feel like pajamas! :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...[Reply to comment]

Maxi skirts are loads of fun and really comfortable, i think. ;) you look great.

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