Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm still on vacation, but I can assure you (even though I wrote this over a week ahead of time) that I'm probably so anxious to blog that I'm bursting at the seams!  In the meantime, here's an outfit post...just for you.

I bought this tank with the intention to wear it nice and loose and breezy, but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and mix it up by belting it.  I was a little unsure about how this would work out, especially with a skirt, but I think I like it!  What are you thoughts?  Should I keep it loosey goosey next time, or did the belt thing work for ya?

In other news, what you don't see in the photos is that bobby pins are actually holding my skirt up!  This skirt is really too big for where I'd like to wear it, but I've always hung onto it because the color is spectacular.  Usually I just settle for wearing it lower on my waist, but I got experimental...I guess it was a theme for the evening.  It's one of those skirts that wraps around and buttons on the side, but, instead of buttoning it, I just pulled the outer fabric until it was snug on my waist and used a two bobby pins to secure it the fabric underneath.  I wasn't sure it would hold up, but it worked out perfectly!  I can't really pull that off when I'm tucking a shirt in (because you'll see the bobby pins), but I'll definitely do it again with similar looks!

Do you have any unusual wardrobe tips?

tank - via TJ Maxx
lace tube bra - Forever 21
belt - Betsey Johnson, via TJ Maxx
skirt - Old Navy
shoes - via Ross
earrings - Anne Klein, via Burlington

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Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I'm loving it as well! I actually will staple the bottoms of my pants if I can't get to hemming them! Works almost every time!!!

azu said...[Reply to comment]

Love your outfit! That top is gorgeous. And I like that you used bobby pins to hold it up. I've used safety pins before and they work pretty well ;)

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