Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day at Disney World

I am so excited to be spending Independence Day at Disney World!  We're going for my niece's birthday Golden Birthday - she'll be four on the fourth.  (Little bit of trivia: Caleb's birthday is also July 4, so he'll get to celebrate his birthday at the happiest place on earth, too!)

When walking around a theme park all day, comfort is of the utmost importance, but I still want to wear something a little patriotic.  You won't find me sporting a tee with the American flag emblazoned on the front, but I like the idea of of keeping with the red, white, and blue color palette and maybe throwing in a headscarf with some stars on it.  I haven't packed yet, but I think I'll have to raid my closet to put something like this together! 

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High Heels & Good Meals! said...[Reply to comment]

This would definitely be a comfortable outfit for walkig around Disney world in this FL weather! Have fun! COol Blog btw!

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