Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shop my closet

Every time I step into my closet lately, I seem to have the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome.  After some consideration, it became clear that this is because there was so much clutter in my closet that I couldn't really gravitate toward anything.  Keeping this in mind, I decided to make my wardrobe more intentional by going through my closet and getting rid of anything that no longer suited my style, taste, or size.

I sent the well-used items to charity, and I am putting my gently-used items up for sale on my Shop My Closet page.  All of these items are in great condition - I would not sell them otherwise.  Some have graced my blog, while others have not - but I hope my loss can be your gain.  My prices are very reasonable, and I intend to use the money earned to revamp Splendiferous Inclinations and purchase some wardrobe essentials that seem to be missing from my closet.

See a few sample sale items after the jump...

I still have many items to photograph and list, so I will continue to add new items throughout the week.

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