Monday, October 31, 2011

Last minute costume ideas

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

If you're a lame-o like me, you haven't really prepared a costume.  Fortunately, I have a bat headband my sister bought me last year, and my dogs are dressing as bats, so I've decided I'm a bat keeper.  Who cares if such a thing really exists?  It's Halloween!

If you've put off putting together a costume, have no fear!  There are plenty of low maintenance options out there, and you probably have the perfect ingredients for a great Halloween costume lurking in your closet.  Here are just a few ideas (after the jump):


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Housewife (naturally)
Put on that slamming cocktail dress that you never have the occasion to wear, some high heels, and your cubic zirconians, and you're ready to go!  (Excessive spray tan optional.)

Sarah Palin
Put on your best power suite, some glasses, and throw your hair up in a bun, and you're set!  (Alaska pin optional).

File:Flo from Progressive Insurance.jpg

Flo from Progressive Insurance
Don a white-on-white look, red lips, winged eyeliner, and a headband...and now would be the perfect time to dig out that bump-it!  For brownie points, wear a nametag that says Flo, and write Progressive on a white apron with fabric markers.

Rachel Zoe
Put on your most fierce duds that prompt only two words: I die.  Big sunglasses are a must, and [faux] fur will really get your point across.  To get the family involved, dress the man in your life in an appropriately Roger outfit, and put your child (or baby doll, for us non-mothers) in an equally smashing ensemble.

Steven Tyler
If you're down for gender-bending, put on your funkiest rocker duds and go as Steven Tyler.  Be sure to wear Steven's signature: a scarf.

What are your last-minute costume ideas?

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