Thursday, November 3, 2011

My move to Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth Skyline

Moving has been overwhelming and exciting all at once.  There are still plenty of boxes to unpack and rooms to decorate at our new home, but Caleb and I are starting to settle in.  We moved from the Dallas side of the metroplex to the FW of DFW - Fort Worth!  We're excited about getting to know a new city, and we're loving the more laid back lifestyle of Fort Worth.  I look forward to sharing our experiences as we establish a home in a new location and discover the many wonderful things our city has to offer, and I ask for your patience as we continue our transition.  We do not yet have internet at our house, so that makes consistent blogging difficult.  Also, in addition to completing unpacking and DIY projects for our place, I'm in the midst of studying for my comprehensive exit exams for grad school - I test next week!  As always, thank you for your continued support of my little space in the blogosphere.  I do hope to get some outfit photos up soon!



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lalaG said...[Reply to comment]

awww... welcome to fort worth...

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