Monday, November 28, 2011

Remember that time I had surgery and disappeared for a while?

Outfit details:
sweater: via TJ Maxx (sequins and lace)
skirt: Sparkle & Fade, via UO (exact)
tights: Kohl's (similar)
flats: via Burlington (similar)
scarf: left behind by an old roomie (similar)
belt: Betsey Johnson, via Marshall's (similar)

Hello, hello!

I am back (again) after an unexpected hiatus.  I had surgery last Monday to remove a mass above my thyroid, and recovery was a little more trying than I anticipated.  I thought I'd be back to normally scheduled blogging in no time, but, quite obviously, that did not happen.  I am feeling so much better now, but I still have stitches across the front of my neck.  The first thing I remember hearing Caleb say to me after I got out of surgery was, "It looks like someone slit your throat!"  Thanks, dear.  That was quite appreciated.  I experienced a LOT of swelling afterward, but most of that has gone down now.  I'm looking forward to getting my stitches removed this Thursday so I can feel normal again and take pretty outfit photos - I don't want to expose any more people than necessary to the gnarliness that has become my neck.  The stitching technique used involved leaving 'wiskars' poking out from the incision, and it's definitely not pretty.

But on to brighter things!

These photos were taken before my throat was slit surgery.  It was a pretty cloudy day, but I didn't mind.  As long as it's tight-wearing weather, I'm happy.  Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't the best because of the lack of sunlight.  This sweater is actually a pretty light lavender, but it looks pretty close to white in the pictures.  I love the lace details on the shoulders and the buttons on the back!  Don't you just love small touches?

Anywho...I hope you (Americans) had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I was just relieved that I could chew and swallow normal people food by Turkey Day!  No surgery was going to hold me back!

I'd also just like to say that, now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can officially start celebrating Christmas.  I like to give Thanksgiving its due time, but now I'm in full Christmas mode.  Is it too early to start saying "merry Christmas" to strangers on the street?

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kileen said...[Reply to comment]

i hope you're recovering ok from your surgery!! at least you were still able to enjoy Thanksgiving! and i love the small lace detailing on the shirt.

cute & little

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...[Reply to comment]

Ahh Jessica so scary! I am so glad to hear that everything went well and you recovering ok. You look beautiful in your photos..I would have never known you had surgery!

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