Monday, December 19, 2011

Checking in

I just wanted to briefly pop in and let you know I'm alive!  These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, and I took some time away from the blog to concentrate on finishing my last term of graduate school.  I'm happy to announce that my commencement ceremony was this past Saturday, and I received my Master of Arts in Communication.  Finishing school is exciting and overwhelming all at once, but I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world.  I'm in the process of sending in my job applications, and I am beyond happy about pursuing a career in higher education.

I hope you've been enjoying the holiday season!  I look forward to catching up with all of you as I (once again) get back into the swing of things around here.

I wish you a multitude of Christmas blessings!  Have a happy Monday and a fantastic week!

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