Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello, dear people!

Any blogger knows that sometimes life just happens, and it certainly happened to me.

Over the course of the last several months, I had some major things occur in my life.  I bought a house and then went through the arduous moving process.  In the midst of packing, moving, and settling in, I was enrolled in my final classes in grad school and preparing for my comprehensive exams.  I took my first round of comprehensive exams, a two-day long process that tested me over all of my graduate studies, and then I continued to study and prepare for the second part of the exam process - my oral defense.  My dedication to my coursework paid off, and I received an unconditional pass from the program - a feat that few accomplish (most students receive a conditional pass and have to complete remedial work, usually in the form of an additional paper that addresses their weaknesses).

No sooner than I finished my exams, I had surgery to remove a benign tumor above my  thyroid, followed by a much more painful recover than I anticipated.  As I recovered from surgery, I finished up my final term papers and projects.  This proved more difficult than usual because, at some point during the moving process, my computer decided to stop picking up an internet signal.  No biggie for a blogger and grad student, right?  [Please note heavy sarcasm.]

This little old blog of mine starting taking a back seat during all these events, and I thought that once I got through graduation, things would return to something more like normalcy.  On December 17, I officially finished grad school and received my Master of Arts in Communication.  From a young age, I envisioned getting to this point in academia, and it was truly such a thrill to get there at the age of 23.  

With school completed, I thought I'd be ready to leap right back into my previous blogging schedule.  Of course, then the holidays happened.  I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, and much of my energy went into preparing for and enjoying the holiday season.  I even took some time off and spent a little over a week with my family in San Antonio, which was great.

Once I came home, I got the internet issue on my computer fixed.  With a computer that was actually capable of receiving an internet signal, I figured it was time to hook up an internet connection at the house.  (I hadn't done so yet because it wouldn't have done me any good.)  The day the installation guy came, I pulled out my laptop, pressed the power button...and nothing happened.  My laptop was out of commission.  I've gotten by through a Logitech Revue hooked up to my television, which allows me to do most internet functions, but I've been unable to edit photos - which, obviously, is not conducive to fashion blogging. 

Needless to say, my blogging hiatus has been much longer than I ever expected or wanted.  

But there's good news on the horizon!  

A new laptop will be in my hands very shortly, and I will be back to blogging soon...I promise this time.

And there's more good news!

My break from blogging has given me fresh eyes, and I'm planning some big changes.  I'll soon undertake a complete re-branding of the blog.  Not long from now, you'll witness a name and domain change, more 'life' along with the 'style' of the blog, and a new look. 

I'm excited for the changes that are going to happen, and I humbly hope you'll continue to follow along as this blog experiences a re-birth.  For those of you who have stuck around through my absence, I am so incredibly grateful for your readership.  I wouldn't be coming back to the blogging world if it weren't for readers like you.

In the meantime, I will have a review of an amazing product up very shortly.  I have been excited about sharing this item with you for quite some time now, and I can't wait for you to read my thoughts about it.  (Keep in mind my product pictures will be completely unedited, but hopefully my words make up for less-than-stellar pictures.)

I truly hope you'll continue to stick it out with me as I adjust to continued changes both in my life and on this blog.  I wish you nothing but the best, and I look forward to our reconnection.

Peace and love,


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