Friday, December 24, 2010

Up for the challenge?

I have arrived in Arkansas.  And let me just say...the water tastes great.

I think exhaustion finally kicked in today.  I've been travelling and running around doing errands nonstop it seems, and several hours on the road really took its toll today.  I slept a little in the car, but I felt so groggy.  And grumpy.  Which basically means I complained.  A LOT.  And then on top of that, our GPS took us to the middle of nowhere and couldn't get us out, so we were lost.  No fun.  [insert more complaining here]  Poor Caleb is usually so patient, but I know I probably drove him crazy today.

Reflecting on my experiences today, I'm reminded of a post by Joanna Goddard on her blog, A Cup of Jo, about taking up a challenge to not complain for a week.  I think I did enough complaining today (probably a week's worth), so I think I'll take up this challenge for the duration of this trip.  What better time of year to stop complaining than during the holidaze holidays?  I have so much to be grateful for, and I fully understand and recognize this, but somehow massive amounts of complaining seem to sneak into my life when my routine is interrupted.  I should really work on this.

Something I was very grateful for today was my over-sized, comfy sweater that was perfect for a road trip.  Snuggling under my beanie also provided a great environment for little snoozes.  Since I was in a car for several hours, I kept it comfortable and casual, but I l-o-v-e love the ring I wore.  It added a simple, non-fuss touch that added a little something to a simple outfit.

Is a dose of the holidaze hitting you this season?  Any suggestions for remedies?

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