Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend catch-up: Texas travels

Apparently, life as a fashion blogger is not always glamorous.  But isn't June's harness cute?!

On Saturday, we headed down to Austin to attend the long-awaited wedding of our friends Will and Heather.  Being the excellent company that I am, I took nice little snooze.  Caleb thought he should document this for you.

June was in her usual car ride position.  She loves to climb on my shoulders anytime she goes for a ride with me - even if I'm driving.  Luckily, she doesn't weigh much, and she actually provides some good neck support.

Enough about the car ride, though...  The wedding was beautiful!  I was too wrapped up in its loveliness to even think about my own outfit photos, but Caleb did manage to snap a few pictures on his phone during Sunday's activities.

We thought we'd take advantage of being near the good ol' Texas Hill Country and took a "scenic route" home.  We stopped in Luckenbach, TX, made famous by a Willie Nelson and Waylan Jennings song, as well as Fredericksberg, a quaint little town with cute shops and great restaurants.

We had lunch on the patio at Bejas Grill.  The food was excellent, and everyone working there was so nice!  Gotta love that Texas charm!  They even brought June a bowl of water.  (Although she really just wanted Caleb's quesadillas.)

It was a splendid afternoon.  I even tried a prickly pear margarita!

It was super yummy!  Overall, we had a great time, and it was a nice little mini getaway.

And it's always difficult for people who have only ever known me with short hair to imagine me with long hair, so here I am sipping on a margarita a few weeks before I chopped it all off.

The bartender may or may not have added an extra shot of tequila.  The world may never know.

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