Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remixing my Easter dress

The weather today was beautiful!  The same front that brought thunderstorms to north Texas yesterday brought cooler weather today, which provided the perfect opportunity for a final spring love affair with a blazer and tights.  I don't know if the cooler weather will stick for a few days or not, but this is probably one of the last times you'll see me sporting these kinds of pieces for months.

I wore this dress on Easter, but I didn't get any pictures in it, so I decided to wear it again.  (You know I just can't resist a pretty floral print!)  Caleb decided Saturday night that we should be nostalgic and go pick out Easter outfits like we used to do when we were growing up.  All the stores we went to had clearly been rummaged through, but I managed to find this gem of a dress.

I styled it much differently on Easter, since the weather was much warmer.  It's sleeveless, and I didn't layer anything over it and I kept my legs bare.  I paired it with some pretty peep-toe flats and pearls.  It was fun to bring it out just a few days later and style it so differently.  Who doesn't love a versatile piece?

Stay tuned for much more floral print and feminine silhouettes to come as we continue spring and look forward to summer!

dress - via TJ Maxx
blazer - vintage Dillard's, thrifted from little boys' section
tights - Charlotte Russe
necklace - Forever 21
boots - Mustang, via DSW

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kileen said...[Reply to comment]

great easter dress remix!! i'm loving the purple tights and it matches the floral print on the dress perfectly!

cute & little

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@kileen Thanks, Kileen! Purple is one of my favorite colors. :)

Teresa said...[Reply to comment]

I bet you looked super cute on Easter, but I definitely like how you styled it here too.

Jessica Marie said...[Reply to comment]

@Teresa Thanks, Teresa! It was fun to switch it up!

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